Boost your Studies with tools that are meant to help you.

4 Best Ai Tools For Research & Writing

Text Cortex - All-In-One Research Tool
Helps with all your researchs with ready made agents for assistance, science queries, prompting ,etc.
Claude ai - Ai tool to help with study better
Claude has an option to upload pdfs, you can upload slides and ask it to help you break it down, or ask it to generate homework.
TLDR This - Documents and article summarizer
For students studying for exams, who are overwhelmed by information overload. This tool will help them summarize information into a concise, easy to digest piece of text.
Perplexity ai - A research tool with references
Perplexity is a ai powered research search engine that provides answers with references of the information.

Best 5 Tools For Calculations

Civil Engineering Calculator
Helps with all your Civil engineering calculations
Wolframalpha - All-In-Calculator
All in one calculator for Mathematics, Engineering, Science, etc.
Lit Solutions - Solves Any Textbook problem
Search for your textbook, say which activity you need answers to and watch it do it for you.
i Calulator - Calculator Specialist
Dedicated, free educational material for Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering with supporting calculators, tutorials, lessons, video lessons, revision guides and practice questions with answers.
OMNI Calculator - Versatile Calculator
Omni Calculator is a versatile tool that helps you solve everyday problems and make complex calculations a breeze. Omni Calculator has a specialized calculator for almost every need. With a user-friendly interface and accurate results, it's the perfect companion for students, professionals, and anyone looking to simplify their calculations.

6 Best Document Libraries

Academia - Reports and research library
Find practical reports and research papers to help you.
Studocu - A library complied by students
Find top-rated study notes from students taking the same courses as you.
Yes Teachr - Find & Share Study Documents
South African Document library for university students. Upload and download free textbooks, study materials and practical reports.
PDF Drive - Best Free PDF Library
PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. No annoying ads, no download limits!
Z Library - Rearch and textbook library
Download books for free. Find books. If you're a fan of e-books, academic papers, and all things digital libraries, you'll be pleased to know that Z-Library is back and better than ever.
Internet Archive - Find Every File
Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.

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