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About eFlipp

Buying textbooks when I got to Varsity was a big challenge. New textbooks were expensive compared to the book allowance i got, and finding secondhand textbooks was challenging. And i noticed that i wasn’t the only one facing this issue, a lot of other students all over South Africa are facing the same issue

Some wanted to buy textbooks and some to sell them. Not only textbooks though, some students are selling electronics, and some have businesses to generate income while still studying.

The common problem we all faced was finding the person to buy from or the person to sell to. It’s hard finding legit buyers and sellers on social media, you going to pass by a lot of scammers before finding what you want.

All this crossed my mind in the beginning of the year while i was at a park with a friend. With the little savings i had, i created eFlipp. A free marketplace that will save students and the youth a lot of time and money. A marketplace that allows them to buy and sell their products while building trust with reeviews and learning about business. In my mind, i wanted to build an ecosystem that is youth-based.