Technical Drawing Board bundle (12 pcs) | Engineering drawing board


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  • Drawing Board A3 & Bag: A sturdy and reliable A3-sized drawing board, perfect for precise and detailed technical drawings.
  • A3 Carry Folder: A durable and portable folder to safely transport your drawings and keep them protected.
  • Precision Compass: A high-quality compass that ensures accurate and consistent circle and arc drawings.
  • Clutch Pencil: A versatile clutch pencil that allows for precise line work and shading.
  • Clutch Pencil Leads: A selection of replacement leads in various grades to suit your drawing needs.
  • Eraser: A reliable eraser to clean up your drawings and make corrections with ease.
  • Pencil Case: A convenient and stylish pencil case to keep all your drawing tools organized and within reach.
  • 31cm / 45 Deg Set Square: A essential drafting tool for creating perfect perpendicular and 45-degree angles.
  • 12cm Protractor: Accurately measure and transfer angles with this compact and precise protractor.
  • Masking Tape: High-quality masking tape to secure your drawings and protect your work surface.
  • Ruler 4pcs Set: A comprehensive set of rulers in various lengths to ensure accurate measurements and scaling.
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Elevate your technical drawing skills with our comprehensive bundle set, designed to provide you with the essential tools and resources needed to create professional-grade technical drawings. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, designer, or student, this bundle offers a seamless combination of high-quality products to streamline your workflow and enhance your technical drawing abilities.

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whats In The Box

1x Drawing board A3 bag
1x SDS A3 Drawing board
1x A3 Carry folder
1x Precision compass
1x Clutch pencil
1x Clutch pencil leads
1x Eraser
1x Pencil Case
1x 31cm / 45 deg Set Square
1x 12cm Protractor
1x 1x masking tape
1x Ruler 4pcs set


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Technical Drawing Board bundle (12 pcs) | Engineering drawing board