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  1. SDS A3 Drawing Board & Bag: Experience the precision and stability of our SDS A3 Drawing Board. This board provides the perfect canvas for your technical drawings, allowing you to work with ease and confidence.
  2. Precision Compass: Achieve flawless circles and arcs with our precision compass. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, this tool ensures accurate measurements and consistent line work.
  3. Clutch Pencil: Elevate your sketching game with our versatile clutch pencil. Offering a range of lead sizes, this pencil allows you to seamlessly transition between fine details and bold strokes.
  4. Ruler 4pcs Set: Tackle any measurement task with our comprehensive 4-piece ruler set. Featuring a range of scales and markings, these rulers provide the precision you need for technical drawings and architectural plans.
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Unlock your creative potential with our comprehensive Technical Drawing Bundle Set. Designed for aspiring artists, architects, and engineers, this meticulously curated collection of essential tools will elevate your technical drawing skills to new heights.

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Whats In The Box

1x Drawing board A3 bag
1x SDS A3 Drawing board
1x Precision compass
1x Clutch pencil
1x Ruler 4pcs set


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Technical Drawing Board Essentially (5 items)